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Take Action!

We are calling on you to join our growing movement of passionate and committed advocates who are working to reduce gun violence in numerous states across the country! Gun violence is preventable, but if firearm injuries and deaths are to decrease, citizen involvement must increase. We urge you to please get involved and take action to influence positive change.

Here are some simple action steps to Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Involved:

  • Volunteer with a Gun Violence Prevention Group in Your State: gun violence prevention groups across the country are looking for advocates, organizers, fundraisers and others! If interested, please visit our affiliate page to contact a group in your state.
  • Be Informed: To advocate for change, begin by learning about gun-related issues, laws and sign up for alerts from our alerts page.
  • Vote: This is key! In order to ensure that candidates who are supportive of responsible gun policy get elected and stay in office, it is essential that you register to vote and then go to the polls once election time rolls around! For more information:
  • Write a "Letter to the Editor": Write a letter to the editor or submit an Op-ed piece for publication in your local newspaper. It's a great way to get others in your community to care about this issue.
  • Contact Your Legislators: Write, phone or visit your members of Congress, state legislatures, and city councilors. Urge them to strengthen current gun laws and to work to enact sensible gun violence prevention legislation. Elected officials NEED to hear from all of us. Voicing your opinion does have an impact on how policymakers vote! For more information:
  • Attend Gun Violence Prevention Events: Being visible in your community has an effect on how people think about the impact of gun violence and helps policymakers to see which issues their constituents care about. To learn more about efforts in your state, visit our state affiliate page.
  • Host a House Party: Invite some friends over to learn more about the issue. SUPGV or our affiliate group in your state would be happy to provide materials, a speaker and help you organize the event.
  • Donate to States United to Prevent Gun Violence. Your donations help us provide valuable resources and capacity building support to our network of state groups working to reduce gun violence.


  • In 2006, there were 30,896 firearm-related deaths in the United States. Of these, 16,883 (54%) were suicides, 12,791 (41%) were homicides, and 642 (5%) were undetermined/unintentional firearm deaths.
  • In the United States in 2006, nearly 68% of all murders and over 50% of suicides were by firearm.
  • There are approximately 280 million privately owned guns in the United States—over 65 million of these are handguns.
  • In 2006, firearms were used to murder 27 people in Australia, 190 people in Canada, 59 people in England and Wales, 18 people in Austria, and 10,177 in America.
  • Having a gun in the home triples the risk of homicide in the home.
  • Having a gun in the home increases the risk of suicide fivefold.
  • 40% of all gun purchases are made through secondary sales-- where background checks are not required

Check out our affiliate page to find out how you can contact your local state group working to reduce gun violence or donate to them directly.

State Affiliates

States United to Prevent Gun Violence works with over 27 state affiliate groups.  Check out our affiliate page to find out how you can contact your local state group working to reduce gun violence. If there is not an affiliate group in your state, please sign up for SUPGV alerts and we will keep you informed on important gun violence prevention updates and activities in your state