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About States United to Prevent Gun Violence

About States United to Prevent Gun Violence

States United to Prevent Gun Violence is a national non-profit organization working to decrease gun death and injury. Our mission is to support existing state-based gun violence prevention organizations and to build new organizations within the 50 states to prevent gun violence. The main goal of SUPGV is to provide an array of services that helps to build organizational capacity at the state level and simultaneously grow the movement.

States United to Prevent Gun Violence is calling on you to join our growing network of passionate and committed advocates who are working to reduce gun violence. SUPGV works directly with a network of approximately 27 state-based gun violence prevention organizations. For more information on our state group affiliates and to join a group in your state, please visit our state affiliate page.

SUPGV believes that all Americans deserve to live in a country free from the fear, threat, and devastation caused by gun violence--each one of us deserves to be safe in our homes, schools, and communities. By working with groups to share best practices, programs and policy ideas and by proving technical support services, we are helping to empower and strengthen state group efforts across the country.

Gun Violence Crisis

  • We are in the midst of a national crisis. Over 30,000 people die from guns in our country each year, including over 20 children and young adults (24 years of age and under) each day.
  • Gun violence is public health and safety issue: every 17 minutes an American dies of a gunshot wound.
  • In the past 25 years, 800,000 Americans have died on US soil from guns--this is more than all the American soldiers killed in the 20th century combined.
  • With over 280 million guns in circulation, America is flooded with deadly weapons, including cop-killing assault weapons and deadly sniper rifles designed for the battlefield.
  • Gun violence terrorizes our communities, destroys our families and impacts our emotional health and sense of well being.

How State Groups are Making a Difference

At the grassroots level, state groups are implementing comprehensive approaches to change policy, challenge cultural norms, sustain long-term public education efforts, and mobilize a broad base of supporters at the grassroots level. Highlights of success at the state level include:

  • New Jersey Enacts One Handgun A Month Law: Ceasefire NJ (CFNJ) pulled together coalitions of mayors and city councils across the state to push for a One Handgun A Month bill to diminish ‘straw buying’ and the gun trafficking and violence it fuels. CFNJ was able to gain the support of the Governor and leaders of both legislative houses and they actively promoted the bill through editorial boards, public speaking engagements, meetings with key legislators and testimony at legislative committees. A major victory for CFNJ, the bill was signed into law by Governor Corzine in August 2009.
  • Ohio Honors Victims and Survivors of Homicide: The Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence (OCAGV) has formed a committee in Columbus of clergy and interested parties to hold vigils for the victims and survivors of homicide. Four vigils have already been held in neighborhoods where homicides have occurred. Each vigil has helped to educate people about gun violence and has been covered extensively by the media to help raise awareness. The purpose of the vigils is to honor the victims, support the survivors including the neighborhoods, acknowledge the problems and choose non-violence.
  • Arizona Curbs Random Gunfire: Arizonans for Gun Safety (AGS) implemented strategies designed to curb random gunfire on New Years Eve with dramatic results. Over the past 5 years, calls to the Phoenix Police Department concerning celebratory shots fired in the air on New Year’s Eve dropped by 50% due to stepped up enforcement efforts and a community education program in the schools. AGS worked with police to develop an innovative school program – in which elementary school children were invited to make posters with artwork and slogans demonstrating the dangers of random gunfire and ways to prevent it. The contest has grown in popularity over the last three years with almost 2,000 entries in 2009.
  • Wisconsin Raising Public Awareness: The Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE) developed a compelling display of 450 shirts, representing the victims of gun violence in Wisconsin in one year. The display was the centerpiece of A Journey for Justice, WAVE's 450-mile tour of Wisconsin. The Journey visited Appleton, Stevens Point, La Crosse, Madison and Milwaukee in 2009. Community leaders and violence prevention advocates spoke at each stop on the Journey, helping to raise awareness and engage the public in the work to prevent gun violence.
  • Illinois Students Making a Difference: The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence’s (ICHV) annual Student Voices Contest has allowed tens of thousands of Illinois elementary and high school students to express themselves on the issue of gun violence through essays, poetry or artwork. The contest is now in its 15th year. ICHV has awarded over 150 computers to the winners over the 14-year history of the contest.

Donate Now!

Your Financial Support of States United to Prevent Gun Violence Enables Us To:

  • Provide professional and technical assistance with media and communications, web support, and fundraising and board development for state gun violence prevention organizations.
  • Implement web and email outreach strategies for state groups to increase their membership and energize new members to get active in state organizations.
  • Assist state groups with press templates and statewide media tours.
  • Identify community organizers, increase coalition partners, and empower volunteers in new states.
  • Educate the public about life-saving activities and victories of state advocates.
  • Link concerned citizens with grassroots organizations to get involved and advocate on the state level.
  • Reduce gun violence and save lives throughout America.

If you would like to make a donation to a state group, visit our state affiliate page to find an organization in your state.